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IT Strategy

Overview of the IT strategy process and components, for instance, harmonization with the business strategy, control and reviews, and the different components.

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Project Integration Management

Questions and evaluations regarding the Integration Management activities within Project Management. It covers the process, controls, reviews, quality assurance, and others.

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Project Resource Management

Questions and evaluation of the Project Resource Management activities. They cover the process, controls, reviews, and others. As part of it, soft factors like team spirit and motivation are also included.

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Project Schedule Management

Survey and evaluation of the Schedule Management activities within Project Management. It includes various questions about the process, controls, reviews, documentation, contingency plan, go-live support, and others.

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Project cost management

Survey and evaluation of the Cost Management activities within Project Management. It includes various questions about the process, controls, reviews, documentation, timeliness, reporting, and others.

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Business–IT Alignment

Survey and evaluation of the Alignment between the business units and the IT department. It includes various questions about strategy, architecture, services, budgeting, common understanding, trust, joint reviews, and others.

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  • Choose a survey type and click on START SURVEY

  • Answer the questions

  • When finished, click on Evaluate

  • View the evaluation on the screen

  • Download the evaluation and the tools


Answer summary


Action list


Frequently Asked Questions – Online surveys

You get a detailed evaluation of specific IT management domains. It also includes an action plan on how to improve different parts of your IT management practices. It doesn’t substitute the on-site assessments but can give a good hint of where to start and what are the hot topics. You can use the upify IT evaluation and action plan immediately. We also provide additional support based on your request.

You will get free of charge the summary of the questions and the answers, the list of high priority recommendations, detailed analysis of three questions, the list of the recommended tools, and also one tool. To see an example, download a sample of the Basic level assessment.

If you buy the premium level evaluation, you will get all recommendations, detailed evaluation, and all recommended tools additionally. The size of the document is around thirty pages, depending on the survey and the answers. Download a sample of the Premium level assessment.

After you complete the survey, we show you the evaluation, that you can also download in a Word file format.

For more details, please see our Services.

The surveys include around twenty multichoice questions, some more, some less. Each question has five choices. If you don’t know an answer, you can store the partially filled survey after your registration, and continue later. If a question is not relevant, tick “Not applicable.” After you completed the survey, you get the evaluation in a few seconds.

Yes, you can store and later access all your surveys if you Register and Login. You can also save those surveys, that you filled in an anonym mode – without Login – as follows. Register or Login from the same browser window, afterward, you will see the My Surveys page immediately, and with a single click, you can assign the filled survey to your account. You can store partially filled surveys as well.

You are entitled to distribute, change, and rework within your organization the survey results and the tools for your purposes. You are not authorized to disclose it outside the organization. You are also not allowed to resell any tools or surveys. However, if you want to resell or rework outside your organization, please contact us, and we are ready to discuss partnerships. Please check the Terms and Conditions for more details.

The evaluation is based on the answer grades for each question. It also drives the priorities. Please note that we handle each question equally important because the relative importance always depends on the specific situation. Besides, in some cases, there are survey level findings as well, based on the relationships between answers for different questions.

For the time being, six surveys are available:

  • Business – IT alignment
  • IT Strategy
  • Project Management – Cost Management
  • Project Management – Integration Management
  • Project Management – Resource Management
  • Project Management – Schedule Management

We continuously expand the list, based on customer feedback and our work plan.

The payment of the premium services managed directly by PayPal. We don’t have any access to your Credit, Debit card, and PayPal account. In case your purchase a premium service, PayPal informs us that the payment was successful and you can immediately download the premium content. We also send the invoice within two working days.

You can store and access all your surveys in the future as well. Suppose you assessed the IT Strategy management. You downloaded the detailed evaluation and completed several tasks from the Action list. What if you want to repeat the assessment after six months? You can either fill an entirely new survey from scratch, or duplicate the previous IT Strategy management survey, update the answers where there was a change, and evaluate the latest version. Either case, you will access the old and the new surveys, and download the evaluations whenever you want.