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The right Demand Management process is essential to collect, analyze, synthesize, and prioritize the IT demands appropriately. If it fails, the organizations will waste money and resources on initiatives that produce less value. At the same time, they miss opportunities to implement initiatives that would be much more needed. […]

There are several different PMO models (Project Management Office) in the organizations; the roles and processes vary widely. The projects usually have multifold architectural, resource, schedule, budget, and other cross-dependencies. Therefore, a dedicated team or role is necessary to harmonize the planning and execution. […]

The internal IT service prices may support efficiency if the organization applies it correctly. The IT department provides services for the business units. The services are defined from the user point of view, as they perceive and use them. Examples are application services, collaboration tools, office environment. […]

In the organizations, effective and efficient cooperation is not possible without trust between business and IT teams.

Using an example, cats and dogs are typically not the best friends, and they don’t trust each other. Many believe that the same applies to the business and IT teams as well. However, this should not be the case.

The Business and IT teams should work in close cooperation to achieve together the goals of the organization. For this reason, the good Business IT alignment is a vital precondition.

Usually, process descriptions, roles & responsibilities definitions, and workflow systems support these activities. Examples are project management guidelines, end-user support process, budgeting guidelines, demand management, problem management workflow systems. […]

The Business and IT governance harmonization is an essential activity and a key success factor to lead large multinational organizations. Many of us work, worked or will work in large, multinational organizations. Sometimes on the group level, sometimes on a member entity level that is governed by the group. Moreover, sometimes you are in between in a three- or even more layer structures. […]


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